Big G's Jaw Droppin' Jerky 

The Original

The jerky that started it all. Big G's personal favourite and our best seller. This is our flagship jerky that exemplifies what jerky should taste like. Hint: bacon  

beef jerky bbq

We smoke fresh habanero's until dry, grind them into a very evil powder & then make the spiciest and tastiest beef jerky in town. I dare you!   

Spicy Habanero Beef Jerky
Montreal Steak Spice

After several months of taste testing the discerning palates of our savvy customers, we are proud to include this classic Canadian flavour as a part of our jerky menu. Garlic, salt, pepper, spices and smoke make for the best steak you can take! 

Montreal Steak Spice Beef Jerky
The Pepper

Our second most popular jerky flavour and considered by many as our most flavourful. If you like pepper, meet your new favourite jerky, dare I say that it's basically pepperfection!  

Pepper Beef Jerky
Sweet N' Spicy

We have struck the perfect balance between spicy and flavourful. Turbinado sugar offsets the multiple chilies and peppers creating an enjoyable jerky experience that won't require a waiver   

Spicy Beef Jerky

Basically Bacon

My butcher told me to make pork jerky and I listen to my butcher. We used the same spice blend we use on our most popular Original jerky, added it to sliced pork and Basically Bacon was born. It has quickly become our second most popular flavour and there's a very good chance it could become #1!

Ol' Hickory

Big G's old school wood shack style jerky. A truly classic jerky flavour and our only jerky that is smoked using an all natural Hickory wood blend

Hickory Beef Jerky
The Sweetness

Our only marinated beef jerky uses fresh pineapple, soy sauce, balsamic and a blend of unique spices to make this asian inspired jerky your new go to jerky. Mama G's favourite!  

Sweet Beef Jerky

Teriyaki Pork

East meets west with our classic Japanese Teriyaki flavour coupled with our apple wood smoking process. The result is a sweet and smoky Asian style pork jerky that you won't soon forget