Big G's Grub Rub

Grub Rub Dry Spice Rub BBQ Barbecue

Our in house rub was originally made for use on our pulled pork and remains the reason our Pulled Pork is one of the best in town. 


14 key ingredients go into our rub, some familiar, some not so much. These different elements combine to create a flavour profile that will make you re-think your BBQ entirely.


Jalapeno powder is our primary heating agent as we find it has much more depth in flavour than the more commonly used cayenne pepper. We start with two types of Paprika and several BBQ friendly savoury spices. We sweeten the deal with Turbinado sugar, both in the raw and finely ground.

The finely ground allows for easy adherence to your meat and the raw chunks are heartier, allowing for a higher carmelization point which adds a nice shine and flavour to your meats as they grill.


Good with all proteins including chicken, pork, beef and fish. Use it as a seasoning spice for veggies, popcorn, burger mixes, eggs, etc. A great addition to any spice pantry, we promise you won't be dissapointed!

Big G's Red Rub

Big G's Red Rub marks the first time since starting our business 5 years ago that we have developed a new BBQ centric product. With the flexibility of the Grub Rub having worked so well with all types of meats and cuts, it never really dawned on us to look at something specifically for red meats. It then became a mission to create a new rub that accentuated the flavour of any red meat while still allowing the meat itself to be the star. I even took it upon myself to rigorously taste steak many many steaks before perfecting the final recipe because sometimes there are necessary sacrifices we must make for our crafts. The steaks were high with this! 


Red Rub Can be used simply as a steak seasoning right before grilling. You can add it to your ground beef for gourmet flavoured burgers. Throw it on frozen patties to take them from ho-hum to yum-yum. Put it on your briskets. Beef ribs. Prime ribs. Short ribs. It will work on any beef cut. In fact, there is no cut of red meat that is too expensive (or too cheap!) to benefit from a little hit of the Red Rub.


Also great with Bison, Elk, Moose and Venison. The Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Red Cocoa and secret herbs and spices all work in unison to make for the tastiest meat experience in the #YEG. You won't be disappointed!