The Sauce that started it all. After spending months scouring the internet and old cookbooks I kept trying to make the perfect sauce. After an estimated 38 failed batches, I threw out the rulebook and just put in what I thought would taste good. Soon after Liquid Gold was born and is now my go-to, everyday grilling sauce. Perfect on burgers, ribs, porkchops, hot dogs & chicken. Think bullseye, but better and more beer! I always say the only target that "Bullseye" can hit is sadness and dissapointment. Give your meats the Midas touch with Big G's Liquid Gold!

Big G's Liquid Gold

Big G's Magic Mustard

Our own in house secret recipe, inspired by true South Carolina Style BBQ which holds near and dear the title of the Mustard BBQ Sauce mecca. Made originally to enhance our Pulled Pork, after much testing in the field by our loyal Big G fan base it was soon discovered to be an incredible dipping sauce for almost any kind of Pub Style Appetizer and a delicious finishing sauce for almost all things BBQ (salmon, burgers, porkchops, etc). A sweet n' spicy blend that relies on Maple Syrup for sweetness and a little cayenne for some back heat. Try it and it will soon be a staple of your BBQ arsenal

Barbecue Sauce Bruce Lee
Magic Mustard Barbecue Sauce
Barbecue Sauce Liquid Gold