Big G's Pulled Pork

The pride and joy of our meats. We like to think it's some of the best pulled pork in town. What makes it so good? Well let us demonstrate our tried and true process...

Pork Butts Boston Butts

We start with the highest quality bone-in pork butts available. Picked up fresh every week from our local butcher, right here in the deep south of the YEG. The better the meat you start with, the better the finished product will be

Injection Marinade

First we inject the butts with our magical pork enhancing marinade. A simple combination of sweet and savoury flavours that help get some extra flavour deep down in to the meat. If you want to know our not so secret recipe, just holler at Big G and I'm happy to help you out


Now we cover the butts in a thin layer of yellow mustard. This is a great way to ensure that your precious rub sticks to every nook and cranny of your pork butt and not all over your counter. It won't affect the flavour, it's cost effective and also works on ribs, chicken, and brisket

Grub Rub Dry Rub

Once the butts are generously covered in mustard, it's time to rub these babies down. Might I suggest Big G's World Famous Grub Rub? There's a reason we sell a lot of pulled pork and a big part of that reason is the rub. A little sweet, a little heat and a whole lot of flavour will guarantee to impress all your bbq friends  


Now this is an optional step depending on how much time you have to work with.We prepare the pork a day in advance, wrap it in saran wrap, stick it in the fridge and let it soak in all the flavours of the injection marinade and rub for at least 20 hours

Smoked Pulled Pork

Now it's time to smoke. I go with the BBQ standard of 225 degrees for a nice low n' slow cook. Cook times will always depend on the size of your meat, so rather than just watching times, I also watch internal temperatures. If you're serious about BBQ, you need to own a meat thermometer

Foil Wrap Texas Crutch Smoke

For a ten pound butt, usually at the 8 - 9 hour mark, the pork will reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Once this happens, I double wrap them in foil (aka the "Texas Crutch") and let them finish in the foil. I find this method allows me to save those delicious pork drippings, but it also helps to render out the fat and break down the collagens, turning it into delicious pulled pork that's really easy to pull

200 degrees temperature

For a ten pound pork butt, I find at the 10 - 12 hour mark it will reach an internal temperature of around 200 degrees. Once this happens, the pork is ready to come off the smoker. Patience and willpower is now required as we let it rest for at least an hour to allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat

Pulled Pork

Now it's time to pull the pork. When you cook the pork correctly, the pull goes smoothly. If you have under or over cooked your pork, it will be more time consuming and the first clue will be how easily the shoulder bone pulls out. If it pulls out easy, bullseye! I also make sure to save all the juices in the foil to pour back in to the pork after it's pulled. That sweet porky gravy cannot be recreated so we don't want to waste it. We pull out all the fat, connective tissue, bones and cartilage and just leave tender and delicious pork meat. Big G guarantees no surprises, just sweet smokey pork 

Pulled Pork Packages

When everything goes according to plan, we end up with a pile of ready to serve pulled pork nirvana. We weigh it out by the pound, vacuum seal it immediately and have it ready for you at the market. All you do is heat up a pan, open the bag, pour the meat into the pan, heat it up over medium heat and use a couple forks to "pull it" until it blossoms like a beautiful meat lotus. Competition quality pork in 5 minutes! 

Pulled Pork Sandwich

There's a lot of ways to make a pulled pork sandwich & it really depends on what flavour profiles you prefer. North Carolina uses cider vinegar based sauces. I am not a big fan, so you're on your own here. South Carolina uses mustard based BBQ sauces, not unlike Big G's best selling Magic Mustard <nudge nudge wink wink> and this is my preferred flavour profile for a pulled pork. Kansas City likes their pork saucy n' sweet, so Big G's Liquid Gold is the go-to for that. Or go "naked" & skip the sauce because the high quality Alberta pork, the rich applewood smoke and Big G's Grub Rub will provide more than enough flavour. I like my sandwich topped with a sweet, crunchy coleslaw on a soft, toasted bun. Pulled pork is also a great replacement for ground beef in a lot of classic dishes like tacos, nachos, chili & pizza. Get your hands on some today!