A career in BBQ? Pinch me....

The best part of my job without question has to be the variety of great people I get to meet and talk to every week. If you've been to our table before you've probably seen me talking way too much for way too long. I just can't help myself. BBQ fans are a passionate group, so for me to be able to share that passion every week with like minded people is a benefit of this job that I never anticipated.

There's Mathryn from Grande Prairie, who, for his birthday, asked his parents for one thing. To drive to Edmonton to grab some Big G jerky. I was floored and we made sure we hooked him up with our finest beefs!

Or to Dusty, Cody and Mark from Sherwood Park, who went out of their way to buy my newborn a beef themed toque. I mean seriously, we have the best customers.

Or Murray, the retired 35 year EPS veteran who never fails to stop by in St. Albert and grab some pulled pork and regale us with cool stories from his past. A market just isn't complete until we have a laugh with Murray.

Or to Riani and her family from South Africa who hooked me up with Biltong, South Africa's version of Beef Jerky. I would have never known about it, let alone try it, if not for the market and all these people with different BBQ backgrounds. Meat and fire is a universal language and I am fluent.

Or getting to talk serious Q with barbecue royalty like Brian Misko from the House of Q.

Or getting to hang out with evil Krampus' at Christmas and feeding a dragon jerky on Chinese New Years. This kind of thing never happened at the office.

And of course all the awesome customers who took the time to bring their home made BBQ sauces and spice rubs for me to test drive. I'm always excited for the opportunity to try something new, so if you have a rub or sauce you want a second opinion on, I have meat and a smoker so let's make it happen.

This all goes to remind me that starting Big G Foods was the best idea I've ever had and it certainly beats my old career that closely resembled a Dilbert comic <shudder>.

We're a couple months in to 2016 and I'm looking forward to another year of new faces, new flavours, new stories, new challenges, new products, good weather and anything else that might come our way. I will update accordingly right here in Big G's fancy new blog and website.

Big G is ready to meat you.....;)

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