Season 3 of the Big G show is well underway

Big G Foods recently celebrated the start of our third year and we've got some exciting new goodies to share with the foodies.

This season we wanted to focus on new meats. As such, we've introduced three new menu items that have my taste buds doing jiu-jitsu in my mouth. First up, our new apple wood smoked wings. I've been telling people to make these themselves but got to thinking maybe I could do it and save everyone the trouble. And so Big G's wings were hatched! These high flying taste missiles are prepared 24 hours in advance, coated with French's yellow mustard, blasted with generous heaps of Big G's Grub Rub and a subtle hit of habanero. Left to marinate overnight, then racked up and smoked low n' slow over apple wood until fully cooked. We vacuum seal them by the dozen and all you have to do is heat 'em up and eat 'em up. Add a little magic mustard to your wings and you'll be hard pressed to find a better wing in the YEG (Yes, the gauntlet has been thrown fellow wing makers!).

We've also ventured into the world of Pork Jerkys. I get a lot of requests for Teriyaki jerky but haven't been able to get it just right with beef. With pork however, we have absolutely nailed it!

It was love at first taste.......


"Do thee Teriyaki take this pork to be your lawful wedded flavour?"

"I do!"

"Do you Pork take thee Teriyaki to have and to hold, from this day forward, through tenderness and smoke, until teeth do you part?"

"I do!"

"I now pronounce you Pork & Teriyaki. You may now chew the jerky."

<end scene>

I can see you holding back the tears now. I know, it's a beautiful story of meat and sauce coming together in a balanced union of undeniable flavours.

We also got to thinking since our best selling beef jerky is The Original, why not try making some pork jerky with the same spices that we do the beef in. The result? It's basically bacon. Like a ridiculous slab of bacon without the fatty bits. I'm not even kidding. It's Bacon. Probably one of the best jerky's I've ever made. I have samples. You should try a sample. Bacon.

We also thought that we were well prepared and stocked up for the start of the outdoor season this year. Nope. We were wrong.

Despite having spent the previous 2 months working overtime to prepare and stock up, after three blockbuster weeks at our Downtown and Sherwood Park markets, we found ourselves looking at some pretty bare shelves this week. This led to the emergency purchase of a bigger smoker. It also meant that our original smoker, the smoker that started it all for us, needed a new home. And what better home than The Bear's place, aka The Den.

And just like that, as of this week, Big G Foods is officially running three smokers, eight hours a day, in 2 locations, to ensure that we have enough Big G goodness to satisfy all our grill crazy customers. If this week was a track MEAT, you could say that The Bear and I have been Usain Bolting it! Also, the puns do not and will never stop! I am incapable of stopping myself.

We start our season at the St. Albert Farmers' Market as of June 11 and will be there every Saturday with the exception of a just a few weeks. You can always find us on Saturdays @ City Market Downtown and every Wednesday evening @ the Sherwood Park Farmers' Market. Please be sure to check our Facebook page, our Twitter feed or our Instagram account to see where Big G's team will be and where The Bear's team will be each and every week and what we have on feature.

Looking forward to seeing you this season. Until then, smoke on and peace out!

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