Summer 2017 Well Underway!!

I will be the first to admit my commitment to blogging is nowhere near my commitment to BBQ. Each year our little business grows and it becomes harder to find the time to do the fun things like the blo-G. So rest assured I haven't forgotten about the faithful blog reader and here is the latest update with more to come!

The year has started off with a bang. Beautiful weather, busy markets and new products have made it hard to keep up with demand. The Bear and I have been working overtime this season to make sure we don't have to put the dreaded sold out sign up. Hibernation is officially over!

This year we are most excited to introduce our first new BBQ product since we started the business. I spent the entire winter huddled like a mad scientist down in the Big G Foods flavour labs trying to perfect a spice blend that would enhance beef and all red meats. It wasn't easy, at least 50 steaks were harmed in the making of this rub but at the end of the day, after rigorous blind taste tests, a star was finally born.

Now it's not easy to make a new rub. I have a very specific flavour profile I gravitate to and I will spend countless hours tweaking recipes until it's just right. I get a little OCD. It's always a time consuming and frustrating process, but the end result is an amazing product we are proud to call Big G's Red Rub.

Primarily designed as a steak seasoning for beef steaks, we discovered it was pretty much amazing on anything in the red meat family. All cuts of beef, bison, Venison, Elk, Moose will benefit from this savoury blend of Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Cocoa, and a few secret herbs and spices that all work together to accentuate and highlight your precious cut of red meat.

Throw it on a steak right before grilling. Add it to your ground beef mixture and make some of the most delicious burger patties you'll ever eat at home. Use it on your big cuts of meat like Prime Ribs, Briskets and Beef Ribs and watch your friends and neighbours try to rob you for your meat.Throw it on some frozen burger patties and watch your patties go from Ho-Hum to Yum-Yum (yes, I just said that). There really is no cut of meat that is too expensive or too cheap to benefit from a little Red Rub treatment. You are guaranteed to have a happy ending with this rub! (haha)

We've also added a new staff memberthis year. The Amazing Grace has joined the G-Unit and she is quickly learning the ropes and will be a BBQ encyclopedia in no time. Mama G has even been able to make it out to a couple markets this season and we are both happy to report that the Mini g's have actually tried eating chicken! There once was a time where I thought I had created two militant vegetarian children, but alas chicken nuggets came to the rescue and there's still hope they will eat a brisket one day. Meat Mike and The Bear are also back for another year of slinging the Q and we couldn't be happier about our team.

We are focused on Saturday markets this year. You will find us every Saturday at City Market Downtown and also every Saturday at the St. Albert Farmer's Market (barring a couple weeks where I have some best man wedding duties to attend to). Be sure to check out my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Feed for the latest updates to see who is where and when.

Thanks to all of our returning customers, to all of the new customers we are excited to meet, and to our friends and family that continue to support us year after year. Without you guys, I would NEVER do this blog or smoke all this meat :)

See you Saturdays!

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