Time For Big G's Annual Post!!!

So again I must apologize. This blog is sorely ignored. I spend what creative juices I have on Facebook and Twitter posts every week, never thinking (until this very moment) to share them here because that would be too logical right? I should probably fix that. Anyways, here I am, downstairs in the Big G BBQ think tank, preparing my brain for Summer 2018. We had our opening weekend last weekend and without question the #YEG has our back because we shattered records left and right. Our fifth season is looking to be our best season yet and it's all thanks to you guys. The thirst for proper BBQ flavour is rich in these parts and I'm happy to be a humble part of your BBQ arsenals.

This year we've rolled out all new labeling for all our BBQ products. We've upgraded our entire set up at the market so be sure to look for our new black tents with the obnoxiously large logo and neon orange pinstriped coolers. The future is here! We've also introduced a wicked new beef rub that can make even stale frozen Walmart burgers taste delicious. We've again achieved YEGreatness for a third year in a row, nabbing the #23 spot on The Tomato's Top 100 Best Things to Eat Or Drink In Edmonton list. And we do all this from our 6' tables at the market and with the support of all the Big G foodies out there. And dare I say, we love every second of it. Well maybe not every second. It kind of sucks when it rains a lot. Or when a militant vegan sets up a shrine to a chicken in front of your stall. Or when you shear the door off your brand new Santa Fe because you forgot to put the Santa Fe in park. Oh the market stories I could tell...but like 92% of the time its awesome!

So we hope to see all of you in 2018 at some point. Big G & The Bear will be rocking City Market Downtown and St. Albert Markets every weekend until Thanksgiving with new and exciting changes always in the works. So if you care about flavours, if you care about your family, if you care about world peace and the ozone layer and the state of politics and the pipelines and the whales and the debate about swiss chalet sauce (yea or nay, what say you?), then make it a priority to come see us this summer. Can't hurt right? The only thing you might end up with is a bag full of delicious treats and a brain full of strange questions, like what just happened there? Did we just talk about that? Yes, yes you did.

I'll also try and do more than one post a year here and maybe update some photos at some point. I feel like the website is in need of a little sprucing up mainly because I keep getting an unusually large number of emails from strangers in far away countries telling me, in the nicest way possible of course, that my website kinds sucks and they will fix it for cheap. So to all you aspiring website developers out there, Mr. Ogundana, Mr. Patel, Mr. Arsanal, as much as I appreciate your generous offers to fix my website, I feel like if I accept your offer, I am turning my back on my own creation. And as imperfect as it may be, built with no experience and even less talent, it was done by my own hands and as such I feel an odd kinship with this website not unlike that kinship with my first born. And to just send my creation away for "upgrading" to a stranger feels wrong and immoral.

And with that, summer 2018, we're ready for you!

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