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BBQ Rubs

Our signature in-house rub was originally made for use on our pulled pork and remains the reason our Pulled Pork is one of the best in town. 


14 key ingredients, some familiar, some not so much. These different elements combine to create a flavour profile that will make you re-think your BBQ game entirely.


Jalapeno powder is our primary heating agent as we find it has much more depth in flavour and a perfect level of heat. We like to sweeten the deal with Turbinado sugar, both in the raw and finely ground.

The finely ground allows for easy adherence to your meat and the raw chunks are heartier, allowing for a higher carmelization point which adds a nice shine and flavour to your meats as they grill.


Good on all proteins including chicken, pork, beef and fish. Use it as a seasoning spice for veggies, popcorn, burger mixes, eggs, etc. A great addition to any spice pantry, we promise you won't be dissapointed!

big g's grub rub


Big G's Red Rub marks the first time since starting our business in 2012 that we have developed a new BBQ focused product. We wanted to create something that accentuated the flavour of any red meat while still allowing the meat itself to be the star. I even took it upon myself to rigorously taste test dozens of steaks before perfecting the final recipe because sometimes there are difficult sacrifices we must make for our craft. 


Red Rub Can be used simply as a steak seasoning right before grilling. You can add it to your ground beef for gourmet flavoured burgers. Throw it on frozen patties to take them from ho-hum to yum-yum. Put it on your briskets. Beef ribs. Prime ribs. Short ribs. It will work on any beef cut. In fact, there is no cut of red meat that is too expensive (or too cheap!) to benefit from a little hit of the Red Rub.


Also great with Bison, Elk, Moose and Venison. The Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Red Cocoa and secret herbs and spices all work in unison to make for the tastiest meat experience in the #YEG.  

Big G's Red Rub


Signature Sauces


Big G's Liquid gold

The Sauce that started it all. After spending months scouring the internet and old cookbooks I kept trying to make the perfect sauce. After an estimated 38 failed batches, I threw out the rulebook and just put in what I thought would taste good. Soon after, Liquid Gold was born and is now our most popular sauce. Perfect on burgers, ribs, porkchops, hot dogs & chicken. I always say the only target that "Bullseye" can hit is sadness and dissapointment. Give your meats the Midas touch with Big G's Liquid Gold!

Our own in house secret recipe, inspired by true South Carolina Style BBQ which holds near and dear the title of the Mustard BBQ Sauce mecca. Made originally to enhance our Pulled Pork, after much testing in the field by our loyal Big G fan base it was soon discovered to be an incredible dipping sauce for almost any kind of Pub Style Appetizer (see: chicken nugget) and a delicious finishing sauce for almost all things BBQ (salmon, burgers, porkchops, etc). A sweet n' spicy blend that uses Maple Syrup and turbinado sugar for sweetness and a little cayenne for some back heat. Try it and it will soon be a key part of your BBQ arsenal.

Big g's Magic Mustard



OUR newest and wildest creation yet. it's east meets west. it's umami fusion at its' finest. we have combined our award winning competition bbq grub rub with classic asian flavours like sweet thai chili, real deal sriracha and savoury dark soy. it's sweet, it's spicy, super balanced and ready to enhance your appetizer game immediately. makes killer wings and a great dip for your appies. there are no bad ideas when you're packing an allsauce!   

Classic BBQ

Big g's pulled pork

Big G's worst kept secret. We only make a few batches a year, and outside of this website, we don't ever talk about it. It's kinda like Fight club, except it tastes better and doesn't hurt. Injected with secret flavours, Grub Rubbed for 24 hours, slow smoked for at least 12 hours, rest for 2 hours, hand pulled and packaged immediately. Just heat and eat at home. Might be the best pulled pork in the #YEG!

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