Big G Foods, your premium #YEG BBQ vendor. Offering a wide variety of the smokiest artisan beef and pork jerky you've ever tasted. Original, Montreal Steak, Smoked Habanero, Basically Bacon, Teriyaki, Sweet N' Spicy and The Sweetness just to name a few. We are also very proud of our mouth-watering applewood smoked pulled pork, we promise some of the best you will ever try right from the comfort of your own kitchen. 


We also carry two delicious signature BBQ sauces. Our house sauce is Big G’s “Liquid Gold”, a true Kansas City-style tomato based sweet n' savoury all purpose BBQ sauce. Then we have Big G’s famous “Magic Mustard”. A South Carolina inspired grilling & dipping sauce perfect with pulled pork, great with pub style appetizers. Outstanding with any BBQ.


Then there's Big G’s signature BBQ house rubs. Grub Rub, our all-purpose sweet n’ savoury barbecue dry spice rub is unbeatable. Ribs, chicken, pork, and fish, its guaranteed to impress the pickiest BBQ connoisseurs. There's also Red Rub, the flavour solution for all your red meat needs. Steaks, Prime Rib, Burgers, Brisket, Bison, Venison, any cut, Red Rub enhances the flavour of any red meat while still allowing the meat to be the star